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As a Film, Television and Multimedia Production Technician, I have experience in the realization of projects, as well as skills oriented to design, production and execution. Passionate about technology, I am dedicated to learning and training continuously. I stand out for my ability to work in a team, responsibility, creativity, innovation and punctuality. I approach every challenge with a positive attitude and a total commitment to excellence.

With a robust background in Web and a particular knack for SEO optimization and WordPress management and development. I bring a blend of technical prowess and soft skills to the table. My expertise extends to WooCommerce, Yoast and Rank Math plug-ins, Google Search Console, and Samrush platforms among other digital tools, enabling me to craft engaging online experiences. I’m recognized for my collaborative spirit, creative problem-solving, and user-centric approach to projects. These competencies, and continuous pursuit of innovation, empower me to drive impactful digital narratives and foster meaningful connections with audiences.


I work with effective communication and attention to detail to meet the needs of my clients.


Ideas that lead to effective and clear communication to your target audience, generating interaction and results.


I understand the importance, quality of your project and the teamwork required, my experience of more than 20 years confirms it.




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